All-purpose definition:  ‘Done’ enough, but not too much…

The original use of tender-crisp was in relation to the over-cooking of vegetables until they were mushy, limp, faded… until a lot of the goodness was lost from them

Generally, anything tender-crisp has enough of what makes it desirable – good, exciting, enjoyable but not too much.  (You wouldn’t want to give a baby without teeth an uncooked carrot to eat – it would be no use!   In the same way, an adult would probably not want stewed carrots, fished out of boiling water after hours, they would be almost colourless, tasteless, and so mushy that it would be hard to even tell what they are anymore – they also would be no use!)

So much of the world these days is ‘in your face’, it leaves nothing to the imagination, attempts to simulate the sensation of ‘desirable’ by substituting shock, fright, revulsion, or a sense of guilty pleasure (breaking social mores, going beyond what was once considered decent)

The problem with this substitution is… to keep getting the effect, it is necessary to go further each time, with the diminished sensitivity of over-exposure.

On the news, in conversations nearby, and in music, movies and books, T.V. shows and plays…  it’s often the same:  dark, brutal, almost searing…   perhaps, like me, you’ve had enough of that.

Let’s find all that’s good, let’s seek after things that are virtuous, lovely, or praiseworthy!  Tell me about them (on my contact page) and I’ll compile a compendium of them, with links so you can use this site to find a whole range of stuff that’ll make you feel a whole lot better, instead of dragging you down.

Still has its colour:


  …tender-crisp broccoli

 …overcooked broccoli

Dull and soggy


How to be healthy…. the tender-crisp way:  See pages on the significantly positive effect of low level radiation on the immune system

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  • Check out the brilliant Bless Afable for your visual needs - family photography, aerial, commercial, fashion - you name it, she has done it, and the results speak for themselves.


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