The Last Substitute

Red circle on a black background with the black silhouette of a couple running out of the circleWhat is the premium to insure a country, let alone try to assess the deductible? Insurance clerk, Clem has just received his largest underwriting assignment yet, and management will never know.

Worst of all, the fate of the country hangs in the balance as Clem is forced to give up the comfort of his actuarial tables and engage in true risk management as he unearths spies, assassins, double-agents, deadly radiation, and Nazis!?!

Nazis who for decades of deep cover planning are days away from destroying the country, and the last hope for Britain has just been eliminated, or will an insurance clerk serve as a credible substitute? The Last Substitute. 

Join Thorby Rudbek as he expands sci-fi perspectives and fantasy imaginings into this edge of your seat thrill ride as he brings you mystery, action and excitement that you wouldn't be embarrassed reading with your kids in this clean-read spy-thriller with heart!